Yang Yang Wins Court Case and Donates Money to Charity

Yang Yang Wins Court Case and Donates Money to Charity
Yang Yang wins cyberbullying case
With cyberbullying cases proliferating in this digital age, it’s comforting to hear when the bullies are beaten down. On October 22, it was revealed that Yang Yang has finally received the money that was awarded to him from the court case that he won on April 17, 2018. 

Yang Yang wins cyberbullying case

Yang Yang had previously filed a case versus Gu Nian Shi and has received an amount of 50,000 yuan as compensation from the defendant . The money has been donated to the Children’s Emergency Foundation, a project initiated by the China Population Welfare Foundation.

Yang Yang wins cyberbullying case donates money to charity
For those in the dark, a Weibo user, Zhao Mou, published a lengthy post on December 11, 2016 under the handle Gu Nian Shi titled, 杨洋、杨洋团队及杨洋粉丝做的极品事情 (The Best Things That Yang Yang, Yang Yang’s Studio and Yang Yang’s Fans Have Done)Unfortunately, the content of the post was the opposite and contained several insulting comments. 

Yang Yang and his team turned the case to their lawyers and the People’s Court of Haidan District in Beijing. After a lengthy period, the People’s Court of Haidan District in Beijing ruled in favor of Yang Yang and deemed the publicly-viewed article to be distorted and inaccurate.  Moreover, the court also pointed out that the article’s usage of insults, attacked and belittled the plaintiff, Yang Yang, and infringes on his good name. 

The defendant was ordered to issue an apology as soon as the verdict came into effect and to pay Yang Yang 50,000 yuan in damages.

It’s great that Yang Yang pursued this case until the end. It certainly is not the first time that he was the victim of cyber bullying. This serves as an example to those who slander celebrities or even regular users like you and I. The monetary award may not be much for Yang Yang but I hope the perpetrator learns his lesson to think before he clicks.
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