Wu Xiubo Embroiled in Scandal After Claims of Multiple Affairs

Wu Xiubo Embroiled in Scandal After Claims of Multiple Affairs
Ruby Chen claims affair Wu Xiubo
Wu Xiubo who most recently starred in Advisors Alliance and is considered to be an esteemed veteran in the industry has been embroiled in controversy after shocking claims that he had an affair with not just one but many women.

It started when actress Ruby Chen revealed to her circle of friends that she had a 7-year affair with Wu Xiubo. She further reveals that the affair began when she was 18 years old and that even when she was already the mistress, Wu Xiubo cheated on her also. She proceeds to name Zhang Zhixi as one of his other mistresses. 

Zhang Zhixi denies affair Wu Xiubo
Zhang Zhixi has denied this rumor with a statement that she doesn’t like having to deal with this during the Mid-Autumn Festival. She wishes all the parties happiness and asks to not be involved. 

After news of Ruby Chen’s affair with Wu Xiubo broke, netizen quickly suspected that 19 year old He Landou, who worked with Wu Xiubo on City of Desire, is also another one of Wu Xiubo‘s mistresses. You may remember her as the young Young Pipi in Moonshine and Valentine

He Landou denies affair Wu Xiubo
He Landou‘s studio quickly debunks this rumor with this statement below.

Wu Xiubo multiple affair claims
It basically says that He Landou and Wu Xiubo are strictly professional. She resents being involved in the controversy and hopes that her name be left out of it.

Wu Xiubo multiple affair claims
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 

Ruby Chen really opened up a Pandora’s box with her revelation but, correct me if I am wrong, Wu Xiubo has yet to confirm her allegations of an affair. It seems that other women’s names are being thrown into the scandal that it’s not clear what’s true and what’s not. 

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