Web traffic stats: Age of Legends finale ratings

Web traffic stats: Age of Legends finale ratings
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For its series finale, Age of Legends garnered CSM2 ratings of 0.842% and 0.375% on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV. It has also reached 2 billion views online after 25 days of airing. In this day and age when the numbers game is getting harder to play, it seems that best effort will have to be good enough and the most that one can hope for. Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace and Mother’s Life are also ending soon, which should clear the way for some new dramas. 

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is still the big winner here with over 13 billion views 52 days after premiere. The series will air its finale for VIP users on Monday. 

Mother’s Life has reached 2.9 billion views 38 days after premiere. 

Battle Through The Heavens Poster
Battle Through the Heavens has reached 3.6 billion views 40 days after premiere. 

lET’s Shake It Season 2 has reached 1.2 billion views 16 days after premiere. 

All Out Of Love Poster
All Out of Love has reached 2.4 billion views 26 days after premiere. 
Storm Eclipse Poster
Shadow of Justice has reached 1 billion views 22 days after premiere. 

The Years You Were Late Poster
The Years You Were Late has reached 3.5 hundred million views 15 days after premiere. 

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