The Next Top Bang Enlists Popular Mentors for New Survival Show

The Next Top Bang Enlists Popular Mentors for New Survival Show
A new survival reality show premiered last night. After Shake It UpThe Next Top Bang (TNTB) 下一站传奇 is a new show that is being produced by Dragon TV. The mechanics of the two shows are different from each other so there’s no overlap. This one is more along the likes of Idol Producer

It is an all-around talent competition which includes singing and dancing. A total of 108 contestants are shortlisted and divided into 2 groups, men and women. They will be trained and coached by their respective mentors. 

The women’s team will have Kris Wu, Victoria Song and Bibi Zhou Bichang. The men’s team will have William Chan, Hu Haiquan and G.E.M. Gloria Teng. Interestingly, Kris Wu and Victoria Song are trending the day after for sharing the stage. Victoria Song is part of f(x), a girl group managed by SM Entertainment while Kris Wu had a falling out with the same company when he left EXO in 2014. 

Each week, nine contestants from the men and the women will be showcased and whoever survives, wins. It’s the ultimate Battle of the Sexes. 

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