Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s wedding entourage, venue and invitation

Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s wedding entourage, venue and invitation
Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding day
After their splashy dating revelation when Princess Weiyoung aired two years ago, Luo Jin and Tang Yan have been keeping things low key to the extent that it actually sparked break up rumors at some point. It’s absurd now that you think about it because fast forward to this month, and it’s official – they’ve tied the knot in what could be considered the wedding of the year in C-ent! Except there are hardly any photos because the two went through great lengths to keep the event private. Apparently, guests weren’t allowed to bring their phones. Instead, they get nifty instant cameras as a welcome gift.  

I’m happy that they get to have the wedding that they want, though I’m still hoping that maybe either of them can share even just a tiny glimpse of the wedding. In the meantime, here’s what we do know. 

Tang Yan Luo Jin bridesmaids

Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding entourage
The bridesmaids. Yukee Chen Yuqi who’s under the management of Tang Yan Studio played a supporting character in Princess WeiyoungWang Guan is a TV host on Dragon TV. Guo Xiaoting starred in Chinese Paladin 3 alongside Tang Yan. Xu Baihui is Tang Yan’s classmate from college and a fellow actress. 

The groomsmen. Sun Jian, Ming Dao, Bian Jiang and a non-celebrity. Bian Jiang is an actor and prolific voice actor. He is the voice of Mo Yuan / Yehua in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and of course, Tuo Bajun in Princess Weiyoung

The guests. Despite the no photo rule, there were paparazzi shots of Hu Ge and Sun Jian arriving at the venue via horse carriage (see pics). Honestly, I can’t tell that it’s them. Jane Zhang and Crystal Liu Yifei offered their congratulations and expressed their regrets that they couldn’t make it to the wedding. Yang Mi also sent her warm regards to the newly weds through weibo.
The date and venue. The wedding was held on October 28, 2018 at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria
Tang Yan Luo Jin vows
The vows. Sun Jian who is Tang Yan’s classmate and a groomsman shared a preview of the words that the couple exchanged at the ceremony. Luo Jin said: Please take care of me for the rest of our lives. Tang Yan said: I married love. A netizen also shared what she overheard from outside the venue. Tang Yan said: I am certain that you are the person that I have been looking for (although said netizen admits that she couldn’t really hear very clearly from outside ?). 
The wedding invitation.

Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding invitation

Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding invitation

Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding invitation
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