Tang Wei Shares Family Pictures For The First Time

Tang Wei Shares Family Pictures For The First Time
Tang Wei first family photos
We finally have a glimpse of Tang Wei’s 2-year-old daughter, Summer. The international star recently shared three pictures of their family’s vacation in Melbourne, Australia, including one of her daughter’s close-up photo.

Both Tang Wei and her husband are fiercely protective of their daughter and have never shared any photos of her face. The very scant pictures of the child uploaded on the internet have stickers covering the whole face. 

Accompanying the photos, Tang Wei wrote: “One flower, a father and his daughter, three people. 朵花,两父女,三人行”

Tang Wei daughter Summer 2 yrs old
Although it seems like the main theme in this photo is that little pink flower and we can’t get a clear look of the little bun’s features. There’s no denying she got her mothers ‘beauty’ genes. 

Tang Wei Korean husband Kim Tae-yong
Tang Wei has been taking fewer projects since her marriage to Korean director Kim Tae- yong in 2014 to focus on her family. 

Tang Wei family
Meanwhile, she will make a television comeback in the upcoming historical drama The Empress of Ming, which would be her first drama since 2007.

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