Ruby Lin wants to stop watching Ruyi because of Wallace Huo’s Qianlong

Ruby Lin wants to stop watching Ruyi because of Wallace Huo’s Qianlong
Wallace Huo Qianlong Emperor Ruyi
When your husband’s playing the lead in a big-budget drama, it’s a given that the wife will be in full support and being Wallace Huo’s wife, Ruby Lin has certainly helped promote Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传 on social media. The show has been topping charts and generating buzz that it’s impossible to miss some of the latest developments.

Qianlong, played by Wallace Huo, who started out sweet and devoted to the title character Ruyi, played by Zhou Xun, has devolved into a jealous and irate Emperor. For a man who holds so much power, it just seems like license to do anything he pleases.    

Wallace Huo Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin thoughts on watching Ruyi

To be honest, I’m not really watching this drama, but I couldn’t resist peeking at the clips every so often and it’s pretty messed up – there’re bitch-slapping, deaths, whippings and castration. While the female schemers of the inner courts are to blame, Wallace Huo’s Emperor Qianlong has undeniably been an endless source of grief. 

It’s definitely got viewers talking about what a terrible guy Qianlong is turning out to be, and it looks like Ruby Lin agrees. She wrote a post on weibo that says, “It’s the first time I have the urge to drop this drama.” If this is reverse psychology, it’s working because I want to watch this now. 

Zhou Xun Ruyi
Interestingly, Wallace Huo was said to to have suddenly cried a good two minutes when filming the scene where he sees Ruyi for the last time. The actor got too into character and felt bad for all the wrong things that he had done towards Ruyi.

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