Ming Dao, Ying Er and Ma Tianyu in a Love Triangle for The Best Meeting

Ming Dao, Ying Er and Ma Tianyu in a Love Triangle for The Best Meeting
The Best Meeting Ming Dao Ying Er Ma Tianyu
The Best Meeting 最好的遇见 is a Chinese drama starring Ming DaoYing Er and Ma Tianyu about a young woman who gets dumped but eventually finds love again. This was originally broadcasted in 2016 to a smaller audience and it just earned a nationwide premiere this month on Shandong TV.  

The Best Meeting Ming Dao
Taiwanese actor Ming Dao who shot to fame in The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog with Joe Chen stars as the romantic lead.  

The Best Meeting Ying Er
Ying Er plays the lead actress who gets dumped by her boyfriend of six years. Desperate, she tries to win him back and catches the eye of Liu Huo (played by Ming Dao).

The Best Meeting Ma Tianyu
Ma Tianyu is the supporting lead despite being a leading man in his own right. This was filmed years ago, which should explain why we have two handsome leads in one drama. He plays the ex-boyfriend, and it’s not even clear how big a role he will be playing since he is credited as making a special appearance. 

Have you seen it yet? The relationship between the three sound interesting so I might try to catch it next week when I have the time. I am wondering what reason the ex-boyfriend had for breaking up and if he regrets his decision. It reminds me of the drama Drunken to Love You with Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang and Joseph Chang wherein Kingone broke up with Rainie out of the blue. I particularly liked the journey to finding out the backstoryI hope they’ll expound on the story here too, and I hope that the reason is a good one. 

The Best Meeting Chinese TV Series

The Best Meeting Chinese TV Series
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