Legend of Chusen Gets a Movie Remake

Legend of Chusen Gets a Movie Remake
Xiao Zhan Meng Meiqi Legend of Chusen
New Classics Media is producing the movie version of Legend of Chusen 青云志. Although the cast has not been formally announced, Xiao Zhan (Oh My Emperorand Meng Meiqi were seen at the launching ceremony this week. Presumably, Xiao Zhan will be playing the role of Zhang Xiaofan and Meng Meiqi will be playing Bi Yao. Rumor has it that Li Qin (Princess Agents) will be playing Lu Xueqi, but she wasn’t present at the ceremony.

The original drama starred Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi and based on that version, Bi Yao would become the main character’s love interest.  

Legend of Chusen Li Qin
It’s interesting to know that the Xiao Zhan (X Nine) and Meng Meiqi (Cosmic Girls, Rocket Girls) have a career as idols. Xiao Zhan has been in several dramas and also has an upcoming drama with Li Qin in The Majesty of Wolf. Chusen is Meng Meiqi’s first leading role, but who knows, maybe first time’s a charm. 

X Nine Xiao Zhan Legend of Chusen

Cosmic Girls Meng Meiqi Legend of Chusen
Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls Meng Meiqi Legend of Chusen
Rocket Girls 101


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