Favourite Scenes: The Ghost Detective

Favorite Scenes The Ghost Detective
The one show that had my undivided attention for the month of September and is a midweek must is The Ghost Detective. As an unenthusiastic horror watcher, other shows currently airing give me the creeps, so much so that I can’t sleep at night. The Ghost Detective however, has done a fabulous job of anchoring in both genres of mystery and supernatural to give us something intriguing and an interesting ghost story about a woman played by Lee Ji Ah, who’s both dead and alive, donning immoral red.

I absolutely have to hand it to our leads, Choi Daniel and Park Eun-Bin have phenomenal chemistry and I love the dynamics between them as investigators, friends, and the suggestions of love as the drama progresses.The K-drama’s approach and content seems emotionally draining, and there are plenty of poignant scenes that tug at your heart when the layers to the mystery are pulled back and revealed, but our main actors give great performances and truly bring their roles to life.

And before I begin to share my favourite scenes from the drama, be warned that there are plenty of spoilers ahead!

As mentioned in my First Impressions, unwilling suicides occur as a result of a powerful ghost who easily manipulates humans into doing unthinkable things against their will. One of the most profound scenes is when Jung Yeo-Wool visits her sister, Jung Yi-Rang at the restaurant she works at, only to find her frail body slowing giving way to unconsciousness, and the woman in red lingering close by. The scene is well executed, with production details that leave you mesmerized and an emotionally straining scene that gave Park Eun-Bin all my respect.

This turned from hilarious to emotional within moments, creating a scene between two men that I didn’t expect to be so heart wrenching. Kim Won-Hae acts as the Watson to Choi Daniel’s Sherlock in this series but the tables are somewhat turned as you can sense the emotional strain and loneliness Lee Dae-Il feels from being so utterly invisible. There’s also a sense of affliction as Dae-Il has to watch those he cares about long for his existence.

One of the more erie scenes that was downright creepy (although horror enthusiasts would scoff), this was a moment where the drama progressed to give us more supernatural material and interactions with the dead. Dae-Il and Yeo-Wool visit a shaman whose soul was devoured by a carnivorous ghost that can be seen by humans and capable of touching objects – something Dae-Il wishes to obtain. They wish to know how to kill Sunwoo Hye, their answer coming from the dead.

Attesting to the scope and depth of Sunwoo Hye’s powers, she holds a personal grudge against Dae-Il for interfering with her twisted child’s play that involves human life. Sunwoo Hye finds enjoyment and a warped sense of satisfaction in seeing people fall prey to her manipulations and decides to target those around Dae-Il, following Han Seng-Seop’s every movement.

So what have been your favourite scenes? Is anyone else out there enjoying The Ghost Detective and the great chemistry between our leads?


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