Nodame Cantabile Gets a Chinese Remake

Nodame Cantabile Gets a Chinese Remake
Chinese remake Cantabile Youth
Nodame Cantabile is coming to China! The latest adaptation of the original Japanese manga by Tomoko Ninomiya has just started filming. The Chinese drama is titled Cantabile Youth 让全世界都听见 and it stars Steven Zhang Xincheng (My Huckleberry Friends) and Jelly Lin Yun (Battle Through The Heavens). 

Chinese remake Cantabile Youth

When two polar opposite music geniuses meet, what will happen? Well, it’s a disaster. In the original manga, Chiaki (the male lead) is visualized as the type to follow the music sheets to the dot while Nodame (the female lead) is used to playing by ear and often diverges from the original. This results in multiple clashes on the two characters–or more like a one-sided whipping and lectures by Chiaki.

Nodame Cantabile 2006
Nodame instantly falls in love with her handsome senior. Meanwhile, although they are opposites, Chiaki is attracted by Nodame’s piano playing. As the two get to know each other, they help overcome each other’s inadequacies. Chiaki unconsciously looks after Nodame and helps her recognize her piano talent. Nodame has a kind of a love-hate relationship with piano due to a childhood trauma with a strict teacher. On the other hand, Megumi helps Chiaki cure his phobia of airplanes to follow his dream to pursue conducting in Paris.

Nodame Cantabile has been previously adapted to both Japanese and Korean dramas released in 2006 and 2014 respectively. Personally, I enjoyed the Japanese version more, not just because it faithfully followed the original, but also due to the portrayal of characters. Hiroshi Tamaki’s cool senior and Juri Ueno eccentric but cute junior characters are on point.

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