Chinese Premiere of Unbreakable Spirit With Fan Bingbing Cancelled

Chinese Premiere of Unbreakable Spirit With Fan Bingbing Cancelled
Unbreakable Spirit Premiere Cancelled
Unbreakable Spirit 大轰炸 hits another wall as its October 26 premiere is cancelled.  This is the second time the premiere has been cancelled after it was set to premiere last August 17 during the news of Fan Bingbing being MIA.  

It’s sad especially when you find out that the movie is eight years in the making. You can actually hear the frustration in Director Xiao Feng’s statement.

Unbreakable Spirit Air Strike Premiere Cancelled
Fan Bingbing movie cancelled after tax evasion
According to reports, the scandal surrounding the tax evasion case of Fan Bingbing brought on so much hate from the netizens that it has affected the movie’s marketability despite efforts to remove the actress from the movie. The tax evasion case also put the entire film under fire for artificially inflating the film’s budget. 

Fan Bingbing movie with Bruce Willis cancelled in China
The movie which also stars Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis, got caught in the middle of the tax evasion scandal since according to the state tax authorities, Fan Bingbing only reported earning 10 million yuan for the movie and hid the remaining 20 million in a separate contract.  

Liu Ye Unbreakable Spirit

Unbreakable Spirit Song Seung Heon

Unbreakable Spirit William Chan

Unbreakable Spirit Nicholas Tse
We don’t know if the movie will get another shot at a premiere in China but Lionsgate will push through with its US release next week. The Chinese war movie features an international cast led by Liu Ye (Old Boy), Bruce WillisSong Seung Heon (Black) and William Chan (Age of Legends) with special appearances from Nicholas Tse (Cook Up A Storm), Fan Bingbing (L.O.R.D. 2) and and Adrien Brody among others. 

The film is also known as Air Strike or The Bombing.
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