Yang Mi Plays with Hua Chenyu’s Clothes and Gets Asked to Stop

Yang Mi Plays with Hua Chenyu’s Clothes and Gets Asked to Stop
Yang Mi Hua Chenyu clothes

The Coming One 2 明日之子2 filmed its final competition on the 14th September in Beijing with Yang Mi, Hua Chenyu, Li Yuchun and Qing Feng sitting on the official panel. During filming, Yang Mi was seen playfully tinkering popular singer Hua Chenyu‘s clothes. What was hopefully an adorable and playful behavior turned into a cause for debate. 

Yang Mi Hua Chenyu clothes
Hua Chenyu was wearing a white shirt with two strings on either side. Yang Mi who sat beside him kept on grabbing the two strings, pulling, tugging and wrapping it around her fingers. A fan of Hua Chenyu was clearly not happy and shouted for her to let go which generate some laughter from the audience. She stopped for a bit but continued to play with Hua Chenyu‘s clothes. 
Yang Mi Hua Chenyu clothes
Netizen have criticized Yang Mi, who is a married woman, for flirting with another man, claiming that it would have been a lot different if it were the other way around such that Hua Chenyu was a woman and Yang Mi was a married man. 

Yang Mi Hua Chenyu clothes
Others have come to Yang Mi‘s defense saying that the two have a good relationship and often joke around each other. Someone even saw Hua Chenyu playing with the strings himself so I guess it can’t be helped! 

Yang Mi Hua Chenyu clothes
My take on this is that if they are friends, there shouldn’t be an issue and if it really bothered him, Hua Chenyu is big enough to say so himself. If he didn’t say anything then I guess it didn’t bother him so why should anyone be bothered? 

I also doubt that Yang Mi would have continued to bother him if Hua Chenyu told her to stop. For me, this is a none issue and it’s simply something you do with really good friends.

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