Web traffic stats: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace hits 3 billion views

Web traffic stats: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace hits 3 billion views
Ashes of Love and Story of Yanxi Palace both ended their run with over 10 billion views, and their absence is felt immediately now that there are noticeably less dramas racking up the view counts. With the two biggest competition out of the way, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is definitely gears up to become the leading drama online and it is only a quarter through its 87-episode run. It has reached 3 billion views 17 days after premiere.

Sand Sea / Tomb of the Sea network traffic
Sand Sea nears the end of its run having aired 40-something out of 52 episodes. It has reached 3.9 billion views 50 days after premiere. 

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese drama network traffic
The Rise of Phoenixes has reached 1.2 billion views 25 days after premiere. The results are definitely underwhelming even against shows that aren’t doing all that great. 

Martial Universe network traffic
Martial Universe has reached 2.5 billion views 30 days after premiere. 

Mr. Nanny network traffic
Mr. Nanny has reached 300 million 11 days after premiere. 

Battle Through The Heavens network traffic
Battle Through the Heavens has reached 300 million 5 days after premiere. Following Martial Universe, It is the second drama adaptation based on a Tiancan Tudou novel to hit the small screen. 
Eagles and Youngster network traffic
Eagles and Youngster has reached 300 million views 6 days after premiere. 


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