Web traffic stats: If Paris Downcast and recent premieres

Web traffic stats: If Paris Downcast and recent premieres
If Paris Downcast 200 million views
Recent premieres have been slowly filling the void left by the summer dramas, and All Out of Love has been seeing the fastest rise among last week’s dramasIf Paris Downcast is the newest one on the list and it has reached 200 million views 4 days after premiere. 

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace has reached 9.6 billion views 40 days after premiere. 

All Out of Love 1 billion views

All Out of Love has reached 1 billion views 9 days after premiere. 

Battle Through The Heavens 2 billion

Battle Through the Heavens has reached 2 billion views 23 days after premiere. 

Mother’s Life has reached 1.5 billion views 24 days after premiere. 

Eagles and Youngster 1.5 billion views
Eagles and Youngster has reached 1.5 billion views 25 days after premiere. 

Age of Legends has reached 500 million views 9 days after premiere. 

Storm Eclipse 300 million views
Shadow of Justice has reached 300 million views 10 days after premiere. 

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