Web traffic stats: All Out of Love doubles views against Age of Legends

Web traffic stats: All Out of Love doubles views against Age of Legends
All Out of Love First Week 400 million
While numbers were quite close between the two shows that premiered this past Monday, subsequent days seem to have widened the gap. All Out of Love has reached 400 million views 5 days after premiere. 

Age of Legends First Week 200 million views

Age of Legends has reached 200 million views 4 days after premiere. 

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace continues to be the leading drama online as it has reached 7.4 billion views 33 days after premiere. 

Battle Through The Heavens 1.6 billion
Battle Through the Heavens has reached 1.6 billion views 19 days after premiere. 

National Radio and Television Administration TV ratings manipulation
Mother’s Life has reached 900 million views 17 days after premiere. 

Eagles and Youngster 1.3 billion
Eagles and Youngster has reached 1.3 billion views 23 days after premiere. 

Tomb of the Sea Finale Week
Tomb of the Sea has issued a finale ratings report. After 9 weeks of airing, the show ended its run with over 5 billion views and single-day numbers reaching 340 million views. 
Martial Universe Finale Week
Martial Universe also issued a finale report. The show ended with over 3.1 billion views on Youku. Leading man Yang Yang stayed consistently within the top 1 and 2 celebrity rankings. Single-day numbers reached a high of 200 million views. 

Season 2 is set to premiere on October 11, 2018. 

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