Vicki Zhao posts reunion photo with Chen Kun then deletes it

Vicki Zhao posts reunion photo with Chen Kun then deletes it
Vicki Zhao Wei Chen Kun reunion 2018
For someone with a track record like Vicki Zhao Wei’s, it’s so easy to look at any of her past works with great fondness. The actress-director shared a photo where she reunites with Chen Kun. He was her co-star in 2008’s Painted Skin, 2009’s Mulan and 2012’s Painted Skin 2: The ResurrectionShe recently paid him a visit on set and wrote him a message on weibo, “…Growing up with you is the happiest thing, from college to the present, you haven’t changed, still a kid. Add oil, Love.” He comments, “Friendship is unbeatable.”

Painted Skin 2008 Vicki Zhao Wei Chen Kun
Painted Skin (2008 Film)

Mulan 2009 Vicki Zhao Wei Chen Kun
Mulan (2009 Film)

Painted Skin 2 Resurrection Vicki Zhao Wei Chen Kun
Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection (2012 Film)  
The history between the two actually date back further than their movies as they, along with Huang Xiaoming among others, were friends and classmates from the Beijing Film Academy Class of 1996. I think it just makes the reunion that much sweeter but apparently there’s drama behind it too (I hadn’t known, wasn’t following c-ent at the time). 

Vicki Zhao Wei
Although they used to be good friends, it has long been rumored that Vicki Zhao and Chen Kun had a falling out and were no longer in good terms because of Zhou Xun who is close friends with Chen Kun even until now. It seems the picture would be the perfect way to show that all is fine but fans reacted negatively to it. Vicki has since deleted the post to replace it with a photo of just herself. 
Can I just be glad that we’re getting updates from Vicki? She looks gorgeous after all these years. I like both pics. 

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