Jiang Jinfu Finds Love in Japan

Jiang Jinfu Finds Love in Japan
Jiang Jinfu Japan
It’s been a few months since Jiang Jinfu announced that he was temporarily leaving showbiz to study in Japan. There were a lot of questions from netizens as to why the actor chose to study abroad. It did come at a time when Jiang Jinfu had a falling out with his management agency Tangren and hasn’t been in many projects. Looking at his time in Japan, it seems the break has turned out really well for him. 

Jiang Jinfu Japan girlfriend
He found love and is in a relationship with a Japanese model. The new couple are avid posters on social media. They even got inspired and did a Murad Osmann “follow me” photo. It turns out their birthday buddies too as Jiang Jinfu just turned 27 on Sep 2. The next day he gave her a cute puppy as a present for her birthday, which they named Hana Chan. 

From her post, she obviously loved it! I am not a fan of dogs but for some reason, I find the Maltese (correct me if I am wrong) so cute that I wouldn’t mind having one of those!
Jiang Jinfu girlfriend Japan model
Jiang Jinfu girlfriend Japan model
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