Hi, I’m Saori (2018)

Hi, I’m Saori (2018)
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Hi, I’m Saori 我的保姆手册 is a new romantic drama that tells of how the AI personnel, Saori, becomes a full-time nanny to a celebrity, Su Dahao. It stars Zheng Shuang, God Itthipat ThanitZheng Chengcheng and Yu Yijie.

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Saori (Zheng Shuangbested other contestants to win the opportunity to become Su Dahao’s full time nanny. Su Dahao (God Itthipat Thanit) is the number 1 celebrity and being handled by his agent, Lan Lan (Zheng Chengcheng).  With the help of Saori, Su Dahao overcomes many obstacles and eventually, develops feelings for her. 
Su Dahao is notorious for having a bad temper towards Saori. His enemies know about this so they exploit the chance to get Su Dahao in trouble. With the help of Saori and her sister Yeon Yeon, Su Dahao’s brother Su Xiaobei (Yu Yijie) who’s an expert hacker and Lan Lan’s PR skills, they group tries to avert a crisis.
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Su Dahao went overseas to study but had to return home due to a family feud. He is determined to pursue his showbiz career in the country as it was his father’s dying wish but he is already a well-known top star. When he discovers that Saori is not exactly a real person, will they still have a happy ending?

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I find this weird. I am not quite onboard with the AI and human falling in love part and that seems to be the biggest mystery of the story since the AI part of it is not clearly explained. In my head, Saori is something like Vicky from Small Wonder. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Ai just another robot? 

I find the premise a little bit absurd and interesting at the same time so I am not sure if I will watch this. Haha I am very interested to know the depth of her AI-ness before I get invested in the drama. 

Release Date: November 12 Youku (episodes released 12:00am) 

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Hi! I

Hi! I

Hi! I

Hi! I

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