Angelababy Sports New Hair for Marie Claire Spread

Angelababy Sports New Hair for Marie Claire Spread
Angelababy buzz pixie cut
Angelababy debuted a fresh look early this week for a spread she did for Marie Claire magazine. I am not quite sure what to call this but I’d say it’s a mix of a pixie and buzz cut. 

Angelababy buzz pixie cut
I haven’t followed Angelababy for a long time but I have always seen her with long hair and it suits her. She has such delicate and feminine features and her hair compliments that. This new hairdo definitely changed my perception of her to give her an edgy and a more GI Jane kind of look. 

Angelababy buzz pixie cut
I still can’t believe it’s her! She looked so different (in a good way) and she doesn’t look or act anything like her old self. I think this is great since it’s important for celebrities to keep reinventing themselves (think Madonna) to keep themselves relevant. I can already see her doing a Chinese version of a drama like Megan Lai in Bromance.

Angelababy buzz pixie cut
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