Zhu Yilong is the New Wu Xie of The Lost Tomb Franchise

Zhu Yilong is the New Wu Xie of The Lost Tomb Franchise
Zhu Yilong The Lost Tomb new Wu Xie
This is a very exciting year for Zhu Yilong. He will be playing Wu Xie for an upcoming Youku production, The Lost Tomb Chong Qi 盗墓笔记重启The character, Wu Xie, is based on a series of online novel by Nanpai Sanshu 南派三书 published in 2007. He is the spiritual leader of the Iron Triangle who was born into a family of grave robbers. Zhu Yilong is going to be the fifth actor to play the role. 

Li Yi Feng The Lost Tomb Wu Xie
Li Yifeng first played the character in the drama, The Lost Tomb

Luhan Time Raiders Wu Xie
Luhan played the character for the movie, Time Raiders. 

Qin Hao Tomb of the Sea Wu Xie
Qin Hao plays an older version of the character in Tomb of the Sea, which is currently airing on Tencent. 

Neo Hou Minghao The Lost Tomb 2 Wu Xie
Neo Hou Minghao is the youngest actor to play the character as the lead of The Lost Tomb 2 which is in the works.

This new drama adaptation will be based on another sequel of the book series. Are you a fan of the novel? Do you like the new Wu Xie? Zhu Yilong is the only cast to be announced so far, and the production team even released a statement to say that the castings going around on who will play the character Zhang Qiling, another fan favorite, are not true. 

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