Zhao Li Ying Does a Split to Deny Pregnancy Rumors

Zhao Liying denies pregnancy
We’ve recently shared that Zhao Li Ying was taking some time off from the entertainment industry, but when you are a celebrity the rumor mill will churn, whether you are on on vacation, retired or working. This is unfortunately true for Zhao Li Ying who is the subject of another rumor.

Zhuo Wei, one of China’s notorious paparazzi dropped a bomb recently saying that Zhao Li Ying is pregnant with Feng Shao Feng‘s baby! The two recently teamed up for the drama, The Story of Minglan, but this isn’t the first time that the two are rumored to be dating. 
Zhao Liying denies pregnancy
Media reports reveal that Zhao Li Ying is three months pregnant and that the dad is Feng Shao Feng. Feng Shao Feng attended an event last July 23, 2018 before quickly boarding a car to leave in a hurry. The car then stopped in an underground car park where he picked up a female, presumably Zhao Li Ying (identity unclear as the girl is covered up) before heading to Feng Shao Feng’s home. Said female is supposedly pregnant.  
Zhao Liying denies pregnancy
Zhao Li Ying is obviously at a loss at how to address the new rumor and jokingly offered to split for everybody. The picture of the dog also could be a metaphor for her claiming to be single due to the Chinese term dan shen gou 单身狗 (single dog). Her studio has already denied the pregnancy claims. 
I truly feel bad for her. It was a hard-earned break for her to finally stop working, but then she has to constantly stress over gossip about her.  She’s obviously not pregnant and if I were her, I’d sue the paparazzi!
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