Web traffic stats: Story of Yanxi Palace takes the crown online

Web traffic stats: Story of Yanxi Palace takes the crown online
Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese series network views
We are more than halfway through Story of Yanxi Palace but there’s still quite a number of episodes to go and plenty of room for growth in viewership considering that the drama has 70 episodes in totalThe show has reached 5.5 billion views 25 days after premiere and currently leads among the dramas online.

Ashes of Love Chinese series network views
Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost aka Ashes of Love has reached 4 billion views 15 days after premiere. Couldn’t resist using the older poster for 3 billion because of Deng Lun in all his majestic glory.
Sweet Combat Chinese series network views
Sweet Combat has reached 6 billion views on the day of its finale episode. 
Sand Sea Wu Lei
Sand Sea hasn’t provided an update to last week’s numbers.  
Meteor Garden Chinese series network views
Meteor Garden has reached 4 billion views 38 days after premiere. 

Martial Universe Chinese series 1 billion views
Martial Universe Chinese series network views
Martial Universe has reached 1 billion views 10 days after premiere. For what it’s worth, the show may not be doing well on tv, but online views are rising at a decent pace. 
Accidentally in Love Chinese series network views
Accidentally in Love has reached 600 million views 9 days after premiere. Not bad a quirky rom-com without any big names. You may recognize the main guy, Guo Junchen, from Go Princess Go!
Partners Chinese series network views
Partners has reached 900 million views 19 days after premiere. 


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