Web traffic stats: The Rise of Phoenixes rises at its own pace

Web traffic stats: The Rise of Phoenixes rises at its own pace
The Rise of Phoenixes 480 million views
Ever since the production companies behind The Rise of Phoenixes issued a joint statement against the drama’s low viewership, it seems that the show has given up on ratings as there has not been any mention of online views and the like on its official weibo.

Nevertheless, a quick look at the show’s view count on iQiYi and Mango TV reveal that it has accumulated 480 million views ten days after its premiere, which continues to be a letdown for a drama that has two A-listers and a giant ensemble cast. For what it’s worth, this is one show that I got hooked to despite the slow-building story. It’s political, not an easy watch and perhaps more of an acquired taste. Douban ratings are still at a decent 7.5 which is the highest among the dramas on this list. 

Story of Yanxi Palace Online Views 10 billion
Story of Yanxi Palace joins the 10 billion club as it reaches the milestone number 34 days after premiere. It will air its final and 70th episode this Sunday. 

Ashes of Love network traffic
Ashes of Love has reached 5.5 billion views 19 days after premiere. It currently has a Douban rating of 7.4. 
Tomb of the Sea Online Views
Sand Sea has reached 2.5 billion views 31 days after premiere.

Meteor Garden gets closer to 5 billion with 4.7 billion views on Mango TV. It has been on air for a month and a half. For more of the cast, Shen Yue and F4 members Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu and Leon Leong will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Phanta City.
Martial Universe Online Views
Martial Universe has reached 1.5 billion views 16 days after premiere. 

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace has reached 500 million views 3 days after premiere. 
The Evolution of Our Love Online Views
The Evolution of Our Love has reached 1.2 billion views as of today. The show aired its final and 40th episode last night after 22 days of broadcast.  
Accidentally in Love Online Views
Accidentally in Love has reached 900 million views 15 days after premiere. 

Bloody Romance Online Views
Bloody Romance has reached 1.4 billion views 29 days after premiere. 


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