Web traffic stats: Eagles and Youngster breaks 100 million in 1 hour

Web traffic stats: Eagles and Youngster breaks 100 million in 1 hour
Eagles and Youngster Chinese drama network traffic
Eagles and Youngster led by Karry Wang in his first solo leading role is off to a great start as it easily crosses the baseline of 100 million views through its exclusive broadcast on Youku. Based on age and appeal, it’s interesting to see whether Battle Through The Heavens led by Wu Lei will be similarly received when it premieres next Monday. 

Story of Yanxi Palace 15 billion views
Story of Yanxi Palace ended last Sunday for VIP users. It also just aired its finale for the general public last night and it has reached 15 billion views as of today. The show has broken records as THE web drama with the highest number of views for 2018 (dramas that air on TV not included). 
Ashes of Love network traffic
Ashes of Love has reached 8.5 billion views 27 days after premiere. 

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace has reached 1 billion views 7 days after premiere.

Martial Universe Chinese drama network traffic
Martial Universe has reached 2 billion views 24 days after premiere. 
Meteor Garden Chinese drama network traffic
Meteor Garden has reached 5 billion views before its series finale on Mango TV. It aired for around 50 days. 

Tomb of the Sea Chinese drama network traffic
Sand Sea has reached 3 billion views 42 days after premiere.

Accidentally in Love Chinese drama network traffic
Accidentally in Love has reached 1.4 billion views 23 days after premiere. For a small scale web drama, the cast happily welcomed the finale by reminding people to watch. 

Bloody Romance Chinese drama network traffic
Bloody Romance has reached 1.8 billion views 37 days after premiere. It has already completed airing for VIP users and continues to air for general viewing on Youku. 

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese drama network traffic
The Rise of Phoenixes has reached 800 million views 17 days after premiere. 


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