Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas September 2018

Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas September 2018
Poster Battle Through The Heavens September 30
Battle Through The Heavens (Sep 3 Hunan TV, Tencent)
A story that revolves around a young man who loses his powers after finding a ring. He recovers under the care of Old Man Yao Chen and joins hands with Xiao Xun Er to fight a greater enemy. Starring Leo Wu Lei and Jelly Lin Yun. 

Devilish Joy (Sep 5 ) 
A story about an amnesiac chaebol who due to an accident can only remember events for one day and meets the woman that he wronged once more. Starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon. 

Ghost Detective (Sep 5 KBS2)
A crime thriller revolving around a private detective and his assistant as they chase down clues and unravel mysteries in the world of the paranormal. Starring Daniel Choi and Park Eun Bin. 

Mr. Swimmer (Sep 5 Mango TV)
A contemporary drama about an up-and-coming Olympic swimmer who falls in love with an ordinary girl. Starring Mike Angelo and Ju Jingyi. 

Poster Granting You a Dreamlike Life September 2018
A story about love that follows a modern day woman who discovers an old diary and turns the pages to read about a moving romance in the life of Tian Ying. Starring An Yuexi, Zhu Yilong and Kevin Kam. 

100 Days My Prince (Sep 10 tvN)
When the Crown Prince who has decreed that all women must marry at a certain age gets amnesia, he crosses paths with Hong Shim, the oldest unmarried woman in Joseon. Starring Do Kyungsoo and Nam Ji Hyun. 

The Guest (Sep 12 OCN)
A story that follows a psychic, a priest and a detective who doesn’t believe in ghosts as they chase down the possessed due to a personal vendetta against a demonic spirit. Starring Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook and Jung Eun Chae. 
Age of Legends (Sep 17 Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV)
Set in the forty years after the beginning of reform in China inside a city called Jiangbei is a story about a group of ordinary citizens and cops who put up a struggle against crime and corruption. Starring William Chan and Sandra Ma. 

All Out of Love Sun Yi, Wallace Chung, Ma Tianyu
All Out of Love (Sep 17 Hunan TV)
It narrates the drastic turn of events in the life of three people with complicated familial connections and the heart-wrenching romance that ensues. Starring Wallace Chung, Ma Tianyu and Sun Yi. 

Shadow of Justice (Sep 19 Youku)
Two cops walk different paths in the face of lawless forces with the force that can swallow the sun. Starring Julian Cheung, Fiona Sit and Sunny Wang. 

If Paris Downcast
If Paris Downcast (Sep 23 Mango TV)
A love story between a woman who was wronged by a past love and the man that helps her regain confidence. Starring Zhang Han and Kan Qing Zi.

lET’s Shake It Season 2 (Sep 27 Mango TV)
The story continues when Tang Qingfeng wakes 100 years after he sacrificed his life to defend the earth. Tang Qingfeng and Ah Bu Cha Cha from the alien planet Duo Xing embark on a new adventure. Starring An Yuexi and Zheng Yecheng. 

The Years You Were Late (Sep 28 Hunan TV, Tencent)
Riding on the tides of reformation, the story revolves around a former soldier adjusting to civilian life. Starring Huang Xiaoming, Yin Tao and Qin Hailu. 

The Player (Sep 29 OCN)
A team of conmen are commissioned by the police to form an investigative unit targeting the elite. Starring Song Seung Heon and Krystal Jung.

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