The F4 of Legend of Fuyao

The F4 of Legend of Fuyao
F4 Fuyao Ethan Ruan, Lai Yi, Jiang Long, Gao Hanyu
Legend of Fuyao 扶摇 may have ended, but the F4 of Fuyao will never part, says Leon Lai Yi who posted a photo of himself with Ethan RuanGao Hanyu and Jiang Long. Who would have thought these four would end up together? Fresh from watching Fuyao, I still see Wuji, stone-faced doctor, Wuji’s bodyguard and Fuyao’s friend though it is cute to see that a friendship has blossomed. Even while filming, the four already laid claim to the title as F4.

On a side note, did anyone notice the name change from Lion to Leon? Guess that makes him Leon Lai ??  

F4 Legend of Fuyao
F4 Legend of Fuyao
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