Luhan’s Abrupt Departure From Sing Out Sparks Controversy

Luhan’s Abrupt Departure From Sing Out Sparks Controversy
Luhan Sing Out controversy
It was announced last Friday that Luhan is leaving Sing Out for personal reasons and will be replaced by Angela Zhang.

Luhan Sing Out controversy
However, the change in cast snowballed into a controversy due to rumors that the show’s Director Cen Junyu is extremely disappointed with Luhan. 

In a personal chat allegedly blasted by the Director, he criticizes Luhan for being unprofessional, having no basic ethics and how far he can go in the industry, only time will tell. It is implied that Luhan allegedly dropped the show as he left for Japan with girlfriend Guan Xiantong without thought for other’s effort and time even as the two other cast members (Show Lo and Li Ronghao) had to constantly adjust to his schedule. 

After the news came out, Director Cen Junyi has denied saying anything about Luhan and that he most definitely had not written anything against him. However, there’s another chat circulating allegedly from the Producer Li Yanchun this time also expressing discontentment over a guest leaving that has greatly damaged the show. 

What’s your opinion on this? 

Whatever the real reason is, the change has been done. Luhan is out of the show and Angela Zhang is in. 

Luhan Sing Out unprofessional controversy
In response to the rumors, Luhan Studio has released a statement to explain that they have already fulfilled all of their obligations stated in their contract. They have remained professional and worked hard to cooperate with the Director and crew and that there was no lack of basic ethics. On malicious rumors against the actor, Luhan Studio asks that the false statements be stopped immediately and that they reserve the right to take legal action. Luhan Studio will no longer be responding on the matter. 

Luhan Sing Out unprofessional controversy
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