A Fashionable Evening at the InStyle Icon Awards 2018

A Fashionable Evening at the InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Fashion Awards Jaywalk Zhu Xudan, Maggie Huang, Leon Lai
The recent awards night may not have brought together the industries biggest stars, but it’s a glistening affair nonetheless. Celebrities glamour their way to the InStyle Icon Awards 2018 as they walk down the red carpet. Why don’t we take a look at some of the elegant dresses and handsome suits of the event?

Gown Xie Na
Xie Na who’s perhaps the most recognizable face here as a host on Happy Camp takes it away with her simple yet glamorous evening gown. I personally hate glitters but this one is just too nice. Xie Na puts on her best look even though she wasn’t feeling well that night and was rushed to the hospital immediately after the event.
Sun Yi floral dress InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Sun Yi chose a floral off-shoulder dress that definitely matches her. 

Merxat Mi Re InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Merxat Mi Re pairs his suit with white shirt and sneakers to bring in a smart casual look.

Dylan Xiong InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Dylan Xiong walks in with a detective get-up. One more deerstalker and he’ll probably look like Sherlock Holmes. The outfit suits him very well though.
Bambi Zhu Xudan InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Bambi Zhu Xudan leaves it simple with a ruffled dress on top of a t-shirt. 

Maggie Huang Mengying InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Maggie Huang Mengying is just plain elegant with a combination of black and white.

Chen Zheyuan InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Chen Zhe Yuan‘s outfit is somewhat presentable, but the color combinations could have been better.

Li landi InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Li Landi — well, I have no words. It’s just…bad… From the color combination to the style, nope. Just nope.
Xin Zhilei InStyle Icon Awards 2018
Xin Zhi Na takes in a more retro design partnered with a mini dress.

Qi Wei InStyle Icon Awards 2018
A futuristic neon dress from Qi Wei. Sure looks good on her but I probably wouldn’t choose that kind of dress for a party.

Xu Lu InStyle Icon Awards 2018
A more conservative and 90’s dress by Xu Lu that makes her older than she looks. She’s 23.

Wang Yuanke red carpet 2018
Wang Yuanke seems to be giving competition to Maggie Huang Mengying when it comes to simplicity combined with elegance.

Zhai Tianlin red carpet 2018
Is Zhai Tianlin going to bed with that get-up?

Mao Zijun red carpet 2018
Mao Zijun doesn’t disappoint in his suit with a silky and classy look.

J. Zen red carpet 2018
J.zen Zhu Xingjie should have probably chosen another suit…

Sun Jian red carpet 2018
A skyblue suit with minimalist designs for Sun Jian.

Kee Kong Shuhang red carpet 2018
I never really liked striped suits. Sorry, but KEE Kong Shuhang looks like he’s wearing pajamas too.

Leon Lai Yi red carpet 2018
Leon Lai Yi‘s suit is quite unique, but he should have just worn a typical scarf to match the outfit.

Wang Bowen
Wang Bowen enters with a velvet outfit but it seems like the coat and the pants aren’t matching…?
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