Web traffic stats: Meteor Garden and The Destiny of White Snake make the top 5

Web traffic stats: Meteor Garden and The Destiny of White Snake make the top 5
Network Traffic Meteor Garden Destiny of White Snake
Despite being the last to premiere among the dramas on this list, Meteor Garden and The Destiny of White Snake are catching up quickly. Both are among the top 5 dramas airing online and recent numbers seem to be indicate that the two shows are in it for the long haul. 

Network Traffic Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden has just hit 1 billion views on Mango TV. It’s worth noting that the show’s doing well even as a non-primetime drama.
Network Traffic The Destiny of White Snake
Having the same premiere date as Meteor GardenThe Destiny of White Snake is not far behind with 800 million views on iQiYi. It currently ranks highest among the web dramas that do have simultaneous tv broadcasts. 

Network Traffic Legend of Fuyao
Similar to previous weeks, Legend of Fuyao continues to pull in the biggest viewership online. The show has just crossed 8 billion views on Tencent. 

Network Traffic Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams has just reached day 23 of broadcast. It is averaging a high of 1.98% on primetime based on CSM nationwide ratings. The show which also airs on Tencent and Youku has crossed 4 billion views. 

Network Traffic The Drug Hunter
The Drug Hunter which airs in two channels on primetime is also experiencing a decent run online. It has crossed 2 billion by day 11 of broadcast. 

Network Traffic Guardian Chinese web series
 Guardian has crossed 2 billion views on Youku. 
Network Traffic Legend of Yunxi
Legend of Yunxi has crossed 1.6 billion views on iQiYi. 


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