The Real Reason Why Zhao Li Ying’s Taking Time Off Work

The Real Reason Why Zhao Li Ying’s Taking Time Off Work
Zhao Liying take break due to health problems
You might remember that we recently wrote about Zhao Li Ying taking a break to recharge since there wasn’t any news of new projects lately. 

It was revealed recently in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar China that this wasn’t a voluntary decision. Doctors have warned her about a blood clot behind her brain, a weak heart and several bone injury. Zhao Li Ying reveals that it was from a horseback riding incident where she got thrown off a frightened horse.

Zhao Liying take break due to health problems
She didn’t go in to see a doctor then because she didn’t think the injury was severe. The bone injury did not heal properly and left a big bump on her waist to the point that she would use accessories to cover it up. She also admitted to not eating healthy during filming to which she now regrets.

She is now taking the advise of doctors seriously and going on a long break for her bones to heal, her heart to get stronger and I hope she’s getting some medication to remove the blood clot in her brain.

This is one news that could have gone badly. I am glad she went to see a doctor when she did because it could have been a lot worst. It’s a good reminder for us not to abuse our bodies because it does have it’s limits. We all need a reminder too that we should get ourselves checked by a doctor even if we are busy.

Let’s hope for a fast recovery for her. I hope she gets well soon!


Zhao Li Ying just recently posted a cryptic update on Weibo.

In the update, she commented on waking up early to find such feverish news. She is pissed and wondering if resting before starting to work again isn’t normal. 

Things got a bit clearer once a statement from her studio was released warning about the malicious spread of fake news where it was reported that Zhao Li Ying had a heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and other medical conditions.
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