Jing Boran and Ni Ni Confirm Breakup, They Deny Being a Contract Couple

Jing Boran Ni Ni breakup
After much speculation, Jing Boran and NiNi have officially announced that they have split up through a statement in Weibo. In the statement, Jing Boran admits that he and Ni Ni have broken up in May 2018 and that both have remained good friends. The statement further explain that it would be the first and last time they would be addressing the issue.

Jing Boran Ni Ni breakup
I guess the rumor mill is getting out of hand after the initial statement since another statement was released through the Beijing Xiangqian Law Firm. In the second statement, the law firm said that Jing Boran‘s management have presented them with evidence of online users and media outlets who said that NiNi and Jing Boran are “contract couples”. According to the document, this misunderstanding has cause harm and doubts about Jing Boran
Jing Boran Ni Ni breakup
The law firm warns that whoever posted about the malicious rumor should delete and whoever will pass on the false information will face legal consequences.
This is sad since Jing Boran mentioned before that NiNi was his ideal woman so it was cute when they actually got together. Too bad it didn’t last long but it’s nice that they are still friends since they run in the same circle. 
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