Guan Xiaotong and Dylan Sprouse wrap filming for fantasy film “The Curse of Turandot”

Dylan Sprouse Guan Xiaotong Turandot
Spiderman meeting F4 is about as random as it gets, or so I thought, but there’s more to share in the form of Hollywood and C-entertainment crossovers. Guan Xiaotong just wrapped a movie with Dylan Sprouse as her leading man. They are the stars of The Curse of Turandot 图兰朵魔咒缘起, a movie based on an opera of the same name about about a Prince who falls in love with Princess Turandot. He must solve three riddles in order to marry her or die trying. 

Chinese movie Turandot wraps filming
Dylan Sprouse Lin Siyi SNH48 Turandot
 Turandot Dylan Sprouse Guan Xiaotong
The Curse of Turandot is among the lineup of films that LeVP is producing in collaboration with Hollywood. As someone who used to watch Suite Life of Zack and Cody (yes, I like that show), it’s weird to see Dylan Sprouse in a Chinese movie. Cole Sprouse made a successful comeback as Jughead in Riverdale, so perhaps Dylan can do the same?
Filming has wrapped after 115 days. Also in the cast are Sophie MarceauHu Jun (Genghis Khan), Lin Siyi (Legend of Yun Xi) and Jevon Wang Jia. It is directed by Zheng Xiaolong.  
Turandot Chinese movie Guan Xiaotong
Turandot Chinese movie Guan Xiaoting wirework
Turandot Chinese movie Guan Xiaoting wirework
I am more propelled by curiosity than anything else but it looks like we can also expect high-flying action. Guan Xiaotong shared that this is the most wirework she has done for any film. 


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