Gillian Chung and Dr. Michael Lai Not Officially Married Yet After LA Ceremony

Gillian Chung not officially married
Remember this photo? You might remember news about Gillian Chung and her fiancee, Dr. Michael Lai, getting hitched in Los Angeles last May 25.  

When asked about her married life, she recently revealed to The News Tomorrow that it was a pre-wedding bachelor’s party and the wedding has not happened yet. WTF, right? Haha! I was pretty shocked too! She mentioned that they had this party so they can have some good memories for each other. WTF again, right? Haha! This is something I don’t completely understand since a wedding would also give you the same right? She was already wearing a wedding dress, she had a bouquet, an entourage, Michael was already dressed to the nines and they already had the entire ballroom elaborately decorated. You’d be crazy not to assume that this was already their wedding. Why waste all that money for a pre-wedding/bachelor/bachelorette party?
It’s something we’ll never understand and if it’s what they both want then to each his own. If they enjoyed the party and made lots of good memories; then, it’s mission accomplished for them. 
Gillian Chung not officially married
So when is the wedding? Gillian has no specific date yet but it will definitely be this year and the reception will be in Hong Kong.  They have not yet decided where they will register their wedding yet since Gillian is based in Hong Kong and Michael is based in Taiwan.
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