Gao Yunxiang Denies Having to Pay “Legend of Ba Qing” for Their Losses

Gavin Gao Yunxiang Legend of Ba Qing
With the country watching over Gao Yunxiang’s arrest, rumors of all kinds have spread. The actor allegedly has to pay a total of RMB 120 million to the producer of Legend of Ba Qing 巴清传  Talent Television Films as penalty as his current situation is in violation of a morality clause that he reportedly signed. This is said to cover the costs and losses of production and includes returning the pay he received for the role. 

His side has denied news of having paid the said penalty. As the judge has not reached a conclusion in the case, therefore it is not yet time to discuss the penalties.
Gavin Gao Yunxiang
A photo was also making the rounds in social media that shows Gao Yunxiang‘s new look after his bail. His head was shaved and he just had on a t-shirt and shorts. His side asserted that the photo is not a recent photo but one that was taken back in 2013 while shooting a Qing Dynasty drama. 
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