Favourite Scenes: The Undateables

The Undateables Poster Hwang Jung Eum Nam Goong Min

Love gurus, matchmaking, and quirky bright characters sets The Undateables, which stars Nam Goong Min and Hwang Jung Eum, apart from other current Rom-Coms out there. Despite it being a staple drama with a lack of innovation in terms of plot, the character interactions between the drama’s star-studded cast is fun to watch. So here’re a few clips to highlight some of my favourite moments that showcase rivalry, comedy, and some swoon-worthy moments.

When Hoon-Nam and Joon-Soo hilariously fight over sushi, silently battling it out on who deserves to be Jung-Eum’s man. It’s an unconventional lunch with sushi & love creating a war zone.
The first kiss between our leads had me covering my eyes while peeking through my fingers because of all the steaminess. The shock value was pretty high for my fickle and innocent heart but their second kiss is unexpected and all about proximity and being caught in the moment.
The second male lead catching feels for his life-long friend. Jun-Soo begins to fall head over heels for Jung-Eum and it’s one of the most adorable things ever as he tries to remain calm. They’ve been such good friends for years that he’s mistaken love for camaraderie, so his bumbling actions make for an entertaining watch.
A complicated & awkward Noona romance between Coach Yang and Yook-Ryong. Their muddled relationship is froth with misunderstandings, a no strings attached approach at times, and some moments of transparency that reveal just how vulnerable they are when it comes to dating.
The hilarious push and pull relationship that causes all kinds of bizarre situations – this is one CPR scene that’s going down in drama history; a great moment of comedy that had me spluttering my tea.

So what have been your favourite moments from the drama? Is it the hilarity or the romance that make for memorable scenes? 

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