“lET’s Shake It Season 2” heads over to Mango TV

While I do feel that there seems to be a shortage of outstanding dramas this year, the cute and quirky concepts seem to be plentiful, and I’m glad that there’s another one returning for a much-needed season 2. 
lET’s Shake It 颤抖吧阿部 is a web drama about a UFO stuck in the body of a girl in ancient China. Let’s not forget that the heroine came with a cat whose a defender of peace in the cosmos. I liked Zheng Yecheng and An Yuexi when they played supporting roles in other dramas and having them lead this one was a delight to watch. Season 1 had an open-ending, and it looks like we will be continuing the story after the leading man wakes from slumber (one hundred years later?). The cast and crew are quite low key about resuming work and they were spotted already in the midst of filming. 
Update: It premieres August 6, 2018 on Mango TV. (Postponed)

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