Tang Yan and Luo Jin shrug off breakup rumors with a sweet duet

Tang Yan Luo Jin duet
Being public figures, Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s relationship are a constant hot topic. When they’re not being asked about getting married they’re being bogged by breakup rumors. Lately, the couple have not been seen together as often as the public was accustomed to when they first started dating. Even when they took the stage together to promote The Way We Were, there were speculations that they barely looked at each other throughout the event and only smiled when speaking with the host.

Recently, both attended a ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Chinese dramas where they performed a song along with Maggie Jiang Shuying and Zhang Tong. They looked really sweet singing together though it can still be misinterpreted by some. I guess you can’t win either way.
Tang Yan Luo Jin duet
Tang Yan Luo Jin duet
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