“Sweet Dreams” off to a good start on tv and online

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun
Sweet Dreams 一千零一夜 starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun premiered on primetime last night on Hunan TV. Numbers are in and the show has brought in CSM52 ratings of 0.814% which puts its in fourth place, just behind Patriot and Lost in 1949 which airs on two channels. 

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun
With regards to CSM Nationwide, perhaps it’s the strong lead in from Love Won’t Wait which was the only show hitting 1.0% in the last couple weeks and support form a big network like Hunan TV working to its advantage because the show has jumped to first after reaching CSM Nationwide ratings of 1.293% on premiere day. 
Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun
Online views have also just reached 100 million views less than 24 hours of its release on Youku and Tencent. It’s not topping web dramas, but it’s definitely a good number to hit. Contrary to Legend of Fuyao where the episodes are being released online before it airs on tv (see sched), VIP members still have to wait for the show to air on tv before watching it online a couple hours later (see sched).  
Sweet Dreams breaks 100 million views


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