Here Are Barefaced Photos of Rainie Yang, Angela Zhang, Ruby Lin and Vicki Zhao

Rainie Yang‘s fans were so worried about her falling sick recently that she posted an update on her Weibo account to show that she’s alright and doing well. She posted a photo of herself barefaced for good measure so her fans can see that she’s healthy.

She might be starting on a trend with this because the day after Rainie posted her barefaced look, Angela Zhang and Ruby Lin also posted their version of the barefaced look.
It’s such a funny coincidence since Ruby’s been in the news and under fire for looking “less than glamorous” during an award show and later in the day releasing a photo where she looks simply amazing.
Vicki Zhao barefaced natural beauty
Update: Vicki Zhao who has been longtime friends with Ruby Lin since they starred together in the 1998 hit drama series My Fair Princess also joined in on posting a barefaced picture. She said that that not having makeup on is quite comfortable, but the reality is that she’s not skilled with makeup. 
Hollywood actresses have long started a campaign for natural beauty and the no makeup look and I am glad to see their Asian counterpart starting to do the same. I hope it catches on with more actresses because we all need to be reminded that we are already beautiful, just the way we are. What’s even more amazing is that these ladies are in their thirties and forties. 
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