Paparazzi Exclusive on Francis Ng and Mystery Woman a Mistake

Francis Ng not cheating
Hong Kong actor Francis Ng has a lucrative career in the film industry spanning almost 40 years already. I have seen a number of his movies growing up, but he was recently the subject of a paparazzi exclusive alleging that the actor who is a husband and a father was seen coming out of a KTV bar on June 19 with a lady in black. He can be seen hugging her as they got on the car

Contrary to how most celebrities deal with potential scandals, Francis Ng’s studio reshared the photos and even encouraged more reshares saying that they will explain the details once it gets 500 reshares. It quickly reached the required number which moved the studio to issue a response. They explained that of the two ladies in black, one was part of the production crew and one was an old friend. 
Francis Ng was also accompanied by a large group of people as they were together for a cast party of The Leaker 泄密者During a separate interview, Charmaine Sheh jokingly griped that she was also present and could have been trending too if the paparazzi only got a picture of her. His team never specified what ‘old friend’ meant but it was eventually revealed to be Francis Ng’s wife. 
Francis Ng and his team seem determined to teach the perpetrators a lesson as the case is currently being handled by their lawyers. 
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