Nine Percent Wanna One
There’s a controversy surrounding the recent Idol Producer winners, NINEPERCENT‘s, cover photo on Grazia Magazine.  It was alleged to be a direct copy of WANNA ONE‘s Produce 101’s cover.

While it does look like it’s a copy, of WANNA ONE‘s own photo layout, I can understand why the Grazia’s layout for NINEPERCENT was the nearly the same way. If you really think about it, it is the only way you can layout a photo with that many people.
Nine Percent
Consider this, there are a couple of ways this layout could have gone – 
1. Line up the boys in a straight line – not ideal since the photo would have to be resized to something so small so they would all fit into the cover. 
2. Line them up in two lines (like a class photo) – This can be tricky because how would you decide who goes in front and who goes in the back? 
In my opinion, while it might seem copied, it’s a justified move since the options are pretty limited.
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