New Dad Kevin Yan Yikuan Writes a Sweet Letter to His Wife

New Dad Kevin Yan Yikuan Writes a Sweet Letter to His Wife
Yan Yikuan new dad
Kevin Yan Yikuan and Sunny Du Ruoxi are new parents! Congrats! Yan Yikuan took this chance to share a letter he wrote for his wife before she gave birth and it was awfully sweet! 

In the letter, he discussed their first two failed pregnancies and how it devastated them.  He also shared how happy they were to know that they were pregnant again last October. He promised to go through the pregnancy with her.
He also shared that they had a scare one night in Beijing and had to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital was not equipped with emergency medical care for Ob-Gyn cases like theirs. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong so they headed home.
He continues to praise his wife for being a strong woman all throughout the pregnancy. She read all that could be read, ate what she needed to eat and followed her doctor’s advice. She would also share what she has read with him so he feels prepared for what is to come.
He shared that the baby had a tendency to be overweight so she planned to walk 10,000 steps daily to maintain the weight and avoid any complications during the pregnancy. He enumerated the different places they walked like the Huangpu River and Suzhou River trail.
Yan Yikuan Du Ruoxi
He was so in awe of his amazing wife because when she didn’t feel like going out, she cooked all sorts of things for them to eat like Tom Yum Goong and Bak Kut Teh.
He continues that no matter how ugly she felt like during her pregnancy with her snoring and swollen feet, for him, she is still the most beautiful woman in the world. (Are you crying yet?)
Towards their 37th week of pregnancy, the doctor estimated the baby to be 9 pounds (wow!). They were advised that natural delivery might not be possible. He admired her strength when it was him that she was consoling without a concern for herself.
Two hours prior to delivery, as he nervously signed the consent form for a Caesarian operation, he was in awe again at all the sacrifices his wife has made for their family. He vowed to be in the delivery room with her.
Wow, that was quite a long read but isn’t that sweet? I gave birth twice and I didn’t get a letter like this from my husband! Haha but to be fair, my husband is not the writing kind. It’s nice to see that new dad Yan Yikuan appreciates his wife for everything that she does for the family as well. 
Congrats again to the new parents! 🙂 
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