“My Poseidon” Brings a Touch of Greece Into a Story About Lovers Reunited After Their Past Lives

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I’ve always been a fan of Greek mythology. From Gaea to Zeus to Artemis – all with interesting backgrounds and meaningful stories. But what if Greek gods, who are mere imagination, get reincarnated as modern day heroes? Well, My Poseidon 我的波塞冬 brings this to reality. 

Starring Eleanor Lee (The Big Boss 2) as An Fei and Leon Zhang YunLong (Xuan Yuan Sword) as Ye Hai, the Chinese drama showcases a love story told by the ancient Greeks. A love story passed down from generations. An Fei is a student in the department of marine geology with a secret crush on a young and promising scientist. She hopes to be a top scientific researcher one day to be able to work with him. Suddenly, everything is disrupted by the appearance of a handsome man who claims she was once his wife! The more An Fei avoids the strange Ye Hai, the more she realizes that she recalls memories of their past life, as Poseidon and Amphitrite, and their mission to protect the ocean. It’s actually exciting to know how such an old love story can still thrive in the modern day times. Indeed, love is timeless.

I hope it airs soon as filming has already been completed. They started shooting this on January 18, 2018 in Shenzhen, China and finally wrapped April 24, 2018. With the parts of the drama filmed in Greece, I also can’t wait to get a glimpse of the country and of course, the culture.

My Poseidon Leon Zhang Yunlong wraps filming
My Poseidon Greece
My Poseidon Leon Zhang Yunlong Greece
My Poseidon Eleanor Lee Greece
My Poseidon Eleanor Lee Greece
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