First Impressions: Legend of Fuyao

Legend of Fuyao First Impressions Yang Mi
Legend of Fuyao is a highly anticipated Chinese drama that recently aired. It has a Ten Miles of Peach Blossom feel to it, therefore it’s like running into an old and faithful friend. Only yesterday did I discover this drama – somehow… I ended up living under a drama rock.

First Impressions Legend of Fuyao Yang Mi
Synopsis: The story takes place in the five kingdoms that are led by the Imperial City of Wuji. Meng Fuyao used to be looked down upon for her lack of talent in martial arts until she learned an invincible fighting technique at the age of 16. In order to collect five secret talismans, she embarks on a journey across the land and falls in love with the Crown Prince of Wuji, ultimately becoming a participant in the complicated politics and power plays in the palace. 
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao Liu Yi Jun
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao
In the universe of the five kingdoms, there are (you guessed it) five kingdoms: Tianquan kingdom, Taiyuan kingdom, Xuanji kingdom, Tiansha kingdom, and Fufeng kingdom, to top it all of is the Xuanyuan sect – at the helm is actor Liu Yi Jun, who does what he does best, playing a cunning villain thirsty for the throne. This larger world hints at the dynamic and comprehensive story coming our way. 
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao
First Impressions: In the opening scene, Meng Fu Yao’s martial arts technique and expression exudes confidence and strength – Yang Mi is committed to this role and brings her a-game. Abruptly, the scene shifts, after she’s pulled back into the real world. To me, Yang Mi is fantastic at acting mischievously, it’s the more emotionally demanding scenes that hit a few bumps… For the moment, it’s in the clear and looking optimistic. Fu Yao is brave, sassy, while basking in flourishing self-esteem. Despite a lowly rank (a member of the Xuanyou Division), she believes all people are equal and deserves the same opportunities and freedoms. 
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao
The charming Fu Yao is pursued by a member of the Xuanyuan sect, and it’s sweet how open Yan Jing Chen (Huang You Ming) is about his feelings, it makes their relationship feel warm and safe. Naturally, there is a jealous rival, although Pei Yuan (Li Yixiao) deserves respect for being frank about her feelings to You Ming. What will happen in this love triangle…?
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao
First Impressions Legend of Fuyao Ethan Ruan
Our leading man, Zhang Sun Wu Ji (Ethan Ruan) briefly and out of the blue appears – for a minute I thought he’s Qi Zhen’s grandson. The tease peaks your curiosity and keeps you on the lookout for him to appear again. The two leads (who have crackling chemistry) meet in a chance encounter, yet part ways after squabbling. During the tussle Fu Yao humorously  gets the upper hand by slapping Wu Ji’s on the face and leaving it smeared with mud – an unexpected move. Ethan is well cast, but I immensely disliked his character in Fated to You, it’s going to take a while to shake the shackles and see him as Wu Ji. 
There are many other details, intrigue, and questions that crop up. It seems this one is worth sticking around for, as the story unfolds.

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