Fala Chen Auditions for Hollywood

Fala Chen Auditions for Hollywood
Fala Chen

Hong Kong actress Fala Chen had said that she wanted to get back into acting after taking a break since 2013 to complete her MFA at Julliard as of this year. Fala recently shared how her auditions have been going in the US.

She said that she doesn’t feel pressured but it’s not easy since the people in Hollywood do not know of her acting background in Asia.  She mentioned that auditioning in Hollywood can be a tedious process with a lot of back and forth. She doesn’t mind taking on any roles so long as they are meaningful roles but so far has no good news yet.
She will continue to work in Hong Kong while waiting for her big break in Hollywood and she shares that she doesn’t mind the time in the plane and actually enjoys it because she uses the time to read scripts and watch movies.
I am wishing you luck in your quest for Hollywood fame! It’s only a matter of time for someone beautiful and talented.
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