“Saga of Light” brings Shawn Dou and Dilireba to the prehistoric era

Saga of Light
Legend of Sun and Moon has just released its first stills which come with a name change to the new and cooler-sounding Saga of Light 日月 (title’s still Sun and Moon in Chinese). Shawn Dou gets to show off his sturdy physique thanks to his tattered clothing while Dilraba Dilmurat is still adorable in an outfit a lot more modest than her usual costume dramas. 

Saga of Light wraps filming
Let’s just say that I never expected them to go for the caveman look. I neither love it nor hate it, but it seems reasonable in the context of a story that belongs in ancient legends. After all, it is about the god of archery and the goddess of the moon. Their story would have taken place in the very distant past for Hou Yi (Shawn Dou’s character) to shoot down nine of the ten suns, that is, if the movie even goes that route.  
Saga of Light Dilraba Dilmurat
Filming began end of February and wrapped in China today, June 6. Post-production might take a while for a fantasy flick like this, but it’s still selling itself as heavy on romance and comedy. I’m so curious to see how that would work, because it feels like a fantasy action movie to me. Saga of Light is expected to be released summer of 2019. 
Saga of Light Shawn Dou
Saga of Light
Saga of Light
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