Dicky Cheung Denies Drug Allegations

Dicky Cheung Denies Drug Allegations
Dicky Cheung denies drug allegations
Dicky Cheung was recently on the news for drug use but he reveals that it’s completely not true. His side is seeking legal action against the user superTJOK who spread the rumor on Weibo. 

Dicky Cheung denies drug allegations
Dicky Cheung studio recently released a statement. They explain that the video where police were allegedly out to arrest him was actually the backstage entrance to a concert last June 18 in Hunan Xinhua Stadium. The police were on the scene to maintain the order. At the time, the situation was chaotic due to having too many people backstage. The studio reiterated that the police was there to protect Dicky and not arrest him.
The studio already forwarded the complaint to the law firm to take legal action against the individual(s) who may be responsible for spreading the rumors. The studio also emphasized that Dicky has always been a good role model and has maintained a good public image.  The statement ends with a reminder to everyone that we should always be careful what we write or say about other people. With technology, it can easily ruin someone’s reputation or livelihood.
I am glad that the rumors are false. I grew up watching Dicky Cheung movies and one of my favorite movie of his is Future CopsHe’s funny and entertaining but admittedly, I haven’t seen any of his new movies or dramas lately. I was shocked and sad to see that he was in a drug scandal but it’s great that he is able to clear his name.
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