“My Story For You” Couple Posters

“My Story For You” Couple Posters
My Story For You Poster Zheng Shuang Luo Jin
We finally get more promos for My Story for You Tang 為了你我願意熱愛整個世界, which is a drama based on the ups and downs in the life of bestselling author Tang Jia San Shao 唐家三少 who wrote his experiences into a book. 
Recent posters put the focus on the sizeable cast that will be bringing the story to life. I like ensembles and interweaving storylines especially when it turns out to be interesting but I dislike how the main couple are sometimes edged out of their own show for screen time. I hope it doesn’t happen here because most of us are probably drawn to this because of Luo Jin (Love’s Lies) and Zheng Shuang (Rush to the Dead Summer).
The show premieres as a web series this June 18 on iQiYi, airing two episodes every Monday to Wednesday at 8pm. It goes on air on the same day as Legend of Fuyao which is going to be hard to top. Other stars include Zhang Yishang, Pang Hanchen, Wang Gongliang, Li Yiyin, Yang Jincheng, Sun Jialing, Chen Shuai, Qin Yiming and Xie Yumeng

My Story For You Poster Zhang Yishang Wang Gongliang
My Story For You Poster
My Story For You Poster
My Story For You Poster
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