A Very Star-Studded Vogue Spread

A Very Star-Studded Vogue Spread
Yang Mi, Angelababy, Li Bingbing

Vogue recently release a star-studded photoshoot. It’s a smorgasbord of who’s who in the Chinese entertainment industry. They have actors, singers, directors, producers and models.

In the photos, you can see stars like Angelababy, Li Bingbing, Yang Mi, William Chan, Sandra Ma, Liu Shishi, Xin Zhilei, Tan Zhuo, Tong Liya, Ethan Ruan, Huang Xuan, Zhou Yiwei, Bai Baihe with models Ming Xi, Xiao Wen Ju, Victoria Secret supermodel Karlie Kloss, Ou-Yang Nana, Lareina Song Zuer, Leo Wu Lei, Arthur Chen Feiyu, Victoria Song, Peng Yuchang, Elvis Han, Timmy Xu Weizhou, Zhai Tianlin, Qi Xi, Lyric Lan Yingying, Sun Sun, Janine Chang, Chen Ran, Vivien Li, Geng Le, Eric Le Yang, Mason Lee, Sophie Zhang, Vicky Chen, Wendy Zhang, musical artists Zhang Bichen, Li Yundi and Bibi Zhoudirectors Liu Yulin, Luo Dong, Su Lun and Zhang Yibai, film editor Derek Hui, producers Vivian Qu and Vivien Shen.

My favorite is the one with Karlie Kloss, it’s just a stunning silhouette with models, of course it will look amazing. I also like the ones with Zhang Bichen. The three of them looked quirky and animated.

Which’s your favorite?

Li Bingbing, Huang Xuan
Sandra Ma, William Chan
Tong Liya Liu Shishi Xin Zhilei
Huang Xuan Ethan Ruan Zhou Yiwei
Bai Baihe Jing Boran
Chen Feiyu Victoria Song Lareina Song Wu Lei
Zhai Tianlin Elvis Han
Sun Yi Janine Chang
Sophie Zhang Vicky Chen
Zhang Bichen Li Yundi Bibi Zhou
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